Investor Relations


Success of the company on the capital market mostly depends on the communications between company and investors. Proper fulfilment of the communication duties laid upon the companies noted on Warsaw's Stock Exchange by law is not enough to reach the investors' awareness. Any information released by a company should be given in a wider context that justify decisions of the Company and presents benefits that result from those undertaken steps. It also refers to negative messages that come from the company. Crucial is not to desist from communication with investors—management should explain the circumstances, present recovery plan and continuously report on the progress. 


Investor Relations integrate finance, communication, marketing and law. Our specialists are familiar with areas listed and support the board in dealing with individual and institutional investors. We apply a number of tools to build value of the company: relationship with key media, analysts, funds management, organisation of investor's day, arrangement of participation in investor conferences, bulletin of investor relations on the companies website, monitoring of online forums and use of crucial social media elements to communicate with investors, logistic and media support during GMS and other important events (eg. interim reports), creation and update of multimedia presentation of the company and other materials intended for investors.


However the most important for us is to ensure that in every situation, that a company finds itself in, we provide support, advise, prepare recommendations of actions that should be undertaken and possible scenarios of the situation. 

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