Crisis Communication Management


Access to information is so easy. When a person or a company is affected by crisis and its effects are visible and require immediate, reasonable reaction. Our offer includes both: be prepared for such a situation and how to deal with it. 


Preparing for a crisis means identify potential internal and external threats that may be a source of crisis and estimate how possible they are. Scenarios of actions and the range of responsibilities of each member of the crisis staff, organised according to the kind of crisis the company has to face, strategy of communication, actions to be undertaken, templates of statements, Q&A fact sheets, crisis manual and issues book are the necessary steps. Situations that are probable due to company profile should be treated seriously. Simulations prepared by our team involve also the management of the company. Essential is to prepare a person responsible in the company for the contact with media, CEO for questions that may appear, asked by journalists, clients, employees and not to act surprised. 


Highway News is involved also in consulting in situation that require immediate action. We are able to offer our Clients list of services concerning crisis support. Most of the companies in crisis deal not only with media but also with employees, customers, suppliers and sometimes with institutions, experts and famous, respected commentators. Our consultants have necessary experience in dealing with crisis in private and public companies, for whom every crisis means not only loosing reputation among clients but is also a threat to the success of the actions undertaken and future investments necessary for development. 


After the crisis is under control we cooperate with our Clients on actions that help gain the reputation back. We offer tools necessary to overcome negative perception of a company and communicate positive messages to the public and investors.

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